Matrix Therapy

Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning is a clinically proven, gentle, hands-on treatment that precisely locates and treats the injury at the SOURCE of the problem, eliminating discomforting symptoms. The non-invasive treatment ‘works from the inside out’, restoring and correcting imbalances at the cellular level, deep in the structure of the body. When obstructions are cleared at the cellular level, the body’s natural healing mechanisms become unblocked and are then able to perform efficiently.

The most common way primary restrictions (points of injury) are created, is when a force enters the body (ie. car accidents, sporting injuries, falls, repetitive actions…) and is absorbed in dense tissues. These restrictions create patterns of tension that develop into symptoms (ie. decreased range of motion in joints, tension, pain), disrupting and hindering normal daily activities and lifestyles.


Symptoms may not always be felt at the point of injury due to the tension patterns in the body created by the injury.
Once a primary restriction (site of injury) is cleared, only if you re-injure the area will you require more treatment.
Matrix Repatterning is covered by Extended Health Plans that provide coverage for Registered Massage Therapy.

The Problem

Are Internal Injuries Affecting You?

The force of impact injuries is absorbed by the dense structures of the body. The densest material in the body is water. Water is so dense that it cannot be compressed (squeezed). Fluid-filled organs expand (spread out) with impact, similar to a water balloon.  These internal injuries are absorbed by the organs as well as bone structures surrounding the pelvis, trunk and cranium, resulting in a variety of musculoskeletal (muscle) and functional (restricted range of motion) conditions.

What Happens to Bone in an Injury?

When bone encounters a forceful injury it enlarges. In 2005 a researcher at the University of California, Dr. Paul Hansma verified this and found the molecular mechanism which causes the expansion. A common example is an enlarged head of a femur in the hip. The deformed bone does not fit or move properly in the joint, causing pain and degeneration over time.

The Solution

Matrix Repatterning Assessment

In a few minutes, using this easily-learned form of feedback testing, the entire body is checked for areas of tension. This reveals the actual source of the presenting symptoms and their order of priority. This “global scan” precedes each session to ensure the most efficient treatment.

Matrix Repatterning Treatment

Matrix Repatterning Treatment involves a bio-compatible magnetic field combined with gentle pressure, which is applied at specific vectors. This results in a release of tension and an almost immediate restoration of normal tissue structure, allowing for pain relief and optimal healing.

A Partial List of Conditions that Matrix Repatterning Can Help Resolve

ArthritisFertility IssuesRestricted Movement
Back PainFibromyalgiaScoliosis
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHeartburnSciatica
Chronic PainHeadaches and MigrainesShoulder Pain
Circulation ProblemsHip PainSnoring and Sleep Apnea
ConcussionsIncontinence and Pelvic DisordersTennis Elbow
Digestive ProblemsInsomniaTMJ (Jaw Pain)
Erectile DysfunctionNeck PainVertigo

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